How old do I have to be to umpire?  The minimum age is 12.


How much do I get paid?


    Beginner referee who needs a Runner (support) umpire – no payment for 3 games. 

    Runner (support) umpire gets $15 per game. Once a Mentor (most senior ref) signs off that you are capable to referee alone you will be paid $10.

    $15 for second year or more referee up to and including U14’s

    $20 for 16’s and 18’s



    Div 1 $60 if stripped and $40 if no stripes

    All other divisions $30 for stipes and $25 non stripes.


Who does the roster up?  Alana – Referee Coordinator at


What happens if I can’t make it one week? The refbook app allows you to enter when you are and aren’t available.


Can I get training and how often? Training will be by local mentors and coaches. Courses will be available to different levels of umpiring where available.


Are there opportunities to develop my umpiring career? Yes – Where possible courses are held in Geraldton and Perth. You can also umpire in Perth for State Championships weekends.


Will I have mentors?  Yes – Beginner umpires will have a Runner (support) umpire assisting them during the game to begin with and Mentors (most senior refs) will be around the courts to help you out and give feedback.


Where can I learn the rules? Basketball rules can be found on Basketball WA website -


If I am only available on certain days, is that ok? Yes – Refbook allows you to select days and times you are available to umpire.


Will I just be umpiring my club or will be any club? You will be umpiring for GABA so you will be umpiring for all the clubs.


Who do I go to with any questions? You can talk to your Mentor, Games Controller or Alana.


I have never umpired before, where do I start? Best place to start is a beginners umpiring course, which GABA will host one shortly.


What is the software the GABA uses to administer the umpiring duties? How do I get started on this and do I have to use it? GABA will be using the Refbook App and require all umpires to download and log onto this app.


Can I use this app if I don’t have a phone?  Yes – You can use Refbook on a computer or on your parent’s phone.


How will the group communicate? All communication is done through Refbook App and email. This is why it is very important that your contact details are always up to date.


Will it make me a better player by learning to umpire? Yes – Gives you a different outlook

on the game.


Do I need a working with children’s check? All umpires 18 and over require a WWC. Cost is $11 and applications are available at the post office. More details can be found at How do I apply for a WWC Check in Western Australia (


How often will we get paid? The GABA will endeavour to pay weekly, via an automated system. Please ensure all your pay details are in the system otherwise we cannot pay you.


Do I get a discount at the canteen? Yes all umpires receive a 20% discount at the canteen when in umpiring uniform.